Masking Kit for Bona Fide Pen


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The Masking Kit has everything you need to properly mask a Bona Fide Pen for Cerakote® application. This kit is designed to protect the pen parts during sandblasting, de-gassing, coating application and curing.

The Bona Fide Pen has very tight tolerances that are necessary for it to operate smoothly and provide a long service life. Because of this, it is vital to protect the contact surfaces from abrasive blasting and Cerakote® coatings. This kit will help you to properly apply your own custom Cerakote® coatings on our Un-Coated Pens without damaging the parts or altering important clearances.

The heavy aluminum base in this kit measures 2.9″ in diameter and is .75″ thick. It can securely hold all of the pen parts during oven de-gassing and curing processes. The kit also includes 5 aluminum pins that are specifically made to hold the pen parts either individually or in combinations. The pins allow you to hold and turn the parts easily as you spray on your coatings. Place the pins with the pen parts in the base to hold them while you are coating the other parts. The high temp silicone plugs and caps included in the kit have been modified to allow fast and easy masking of the parts without using tape or wires. Just slide on the caps and push in the plugs according to the instructions for accurate and consistent masking.

*Bona Fide Pen parts shown in the photos are for demonstration purposes only and are NOT included with the kit.

The Kit includes:

1 Pin Base – aluminum
3 Pins 4.25″ length – aluminum
1 Pin 2.65″ length plain tip – aluminum
1 Pin 2.65″ length with threaded tip – aluminum
1 Cup 1.0″ length, 0.5″ diameter with threaded hole – aluminum
10 E-Clips – steel
3 Silicone Plugs 11/32″ x 7/16″ (2 center drilled)
5 Silicone Plugs 1/32″ x 1/8″
2 Silicone Caps 3/8″
1 Silicone Cap 3/16″
2 Silicone Discs 27/64″
1 Silicone Donut 1/2″