Bona Fide Pen Black and Black Cherry


The Bona Fide Gen-2 Pen is a precision made retractable ballpoint pen machined from a solid 7075 aluminum stock.

This pen is built with style and strength. Use it in the office, classroom or in the field. It will always be ready to take a note, fill out a report or as a last resort, be an instrument for your self defense.

The new click mechanism is our own unique design that functions much like a ‘bolt action’ pen, but the bolt mechanism is concealed in the pen body.
It operates by rotating the clicker clockwise in a swiping action with your thumb as you depress it to advance the ink cartridge. Flick the clicker in a counter-clockwise direction to retract it. Check out the video below to see it in action. The hidden ‘bolt action’ gives the pen a more traditional appearance and prevents dirt and dust from getting inside.

The newly designed pocket clip, made from heavier gauge stainless steel, is formed with a multi-stage progressive stamping die. It attaches to the pen without any machine screws so it will never get loose or fall off.

Except for the Natural Raw Aluminum version, all Gen-2 Bona Fide Pens are finished with a Cerakote® brand thin film ceramic-polymer coating. Cerakote® coatings provide exceptional corrosion protection, hardness, impact, chemical and wear resistance. We offer a wide variety of standard color combinations for online orders. Custom colors are available as a special order. Contact us regarding quantities and pricing.

The pen is shipped with one black and one blue Schmidt® easyFLOW 9000 medium ink refills. The Bona Fide Pen can use any Parker-style G2 refill, including the popular Fisher Space Pen refill.

This pen makes a great gift that any pen lover will appreciate.

Length: 5.265″
Diameter: .495″
Weight: 1.3 ounces, 37.2 grams
Refill: Schmidt® EasyFlow 9000 (Parker G2 style)
Cerakote® Color: Graphite Black (H-146) and Black Cherry (H-319)