Blue Pinstripe – Bona Fide Pen



The blue anodized Bona Fide Pen with the ‘Pinstripe’ design is a retractable ballpoint pen, precision machined from a solid 6061 aluminum bar in Grants Pass, Oregon. The Pinstripe design has a classic style inspired by traditional writing instruments made over the last century.

The Pinstripe design has seven vertical stripes evenly spaced around the barrel of the pen. This design is machined into the pen at the same time the pen is made on the CNC Swiss-type automatic lathe.

The pen measures 5.61 inches long and is approximately one half inch in diameter (0.495″). The pen weighs 1.5 oz or 42 grams with the refill. The Bona Fide Pen is built with style and strength. It will serve you in the office, classroom or in the field. It will always be ready to take a note, fill out a report or as a last resort, be an instrument for your self defense.

The pocket clip, retaining screws, spring and retracting mechanism are all stainless steel and all made in America. The solid stainless steel retracting mechanism is made by Tuff Writer MFG in Arizona. The pen is shipped with two easyFLOW 9000 ink refills, one black and one blue. The Bona Fide Pen can use any Parker-style G2 refill, including the popular Fisher Space Pen refill.

The pen, extra refill and papers come to you in a Bona Fide gift box with a protective faux suede pen pouch. This pen makes a great gift that any pen lover will appreciate.

Additional information


0.495 inches


5.61 inches


1.5 ounces (42 grams)